Taking your project from concept to reality.

The moment that your idea becomes a physical reality through prototype development is the moment your project is truly born.

There’s a chance it’ll arrive kicking, screaming and not fully functional – but we’re here to guide you through the rough early stages and iterations until your prototype is refined into a smooth-functioning masterpiece.

Getting things right at the prototyping stage is absolutely critical for overall project success. Issues that are a relatively cheap and easy fix before production begins in earnest can become the budget-draining stuff of manufacturing nightmares if they aren’t spotted at this stage.

Over the years, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen a prototype or two.

And as independent consultants, we’re perfectly placed to identify areas where your prototype could perform better that may have been overlooked during the design process – saving you time, money and ensuring that your product is fit for purpose.

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Aerospace rocket


Hardware drive



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