Fluid Technologies

High-performance fluid carrying systems for automotive, marine manufacturing and more.

Fluid technologies are an integral part of ensuring your project performs optimally, whether it’s by transferring fuel to the engines at the heart of your build, or simply moving liquids from one place to another. 

With our precision-engineered pipe and hose assemblies, you can rest assured that the required amount of fluid you need will end up precisely where you want it to go. And in the most efficient way possible.

We’ve got thousands of litres (tonnes) of experience working with fluid technologies.

Which means that all our products are built not only to perform, but also to withstand the challenges associated with transporting liquids. Rest assured our engineers will recommend the right design and materials to fit your fluid application needs.

Our products in fluid technologies cover:

Water & Oil Hoses

Fuel Pipes

Breather Hoses

Turbo Feed / Drain Pipes and Hoses


Flexible and Hard Line combinations

EV Cooling

Industry Specialisms:

Audio speaker






Aerospace rocket


Hardware drive



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And More…

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