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Our specialism lies in complex, technical, high-value products.

So that’s what we make or assemble at our Taiwanese factory (a location that has become a byword for the highest quality manufacturing in Asia). 

But if our factory isn’t best suited to your specific needs, we also have a trusted network of providers across the continent, developed over 30 years of mutual assurance. If you’re looking for quality commodity-type parts at Asian costs, we can help with that, too. This combined approach gives us the flexibility to offer you the best solution every time.

Too many manufacturers either provide low quality products or charge unreasonable prices, forcing clients to make an impossible tradeoff. At , we guarantee that you’ll always receive top manufacturing quality for a fair price. 

Our Factory

Our factory manufactures precision formed metal products and components, as well as offering added value assembly that saves you time and money. Our assembly services range from fitting simple clips, clamps or plugs to using bespoke tooling to assemble complex products. Following strict quality standards and using our extensive engineering expertise, we can deliver the missing piece of your manufacturing puzzle.

Our Engineers

Our engineers are some of Asia’s finest. The team has years of experience in all forms of Automotive, Marine, Audio, and EV design. Their expertise means they are perfectly placed to offer the very best solution for your programme.

Industry Specialisms:

Audio speaker






Aerospace rocket


Hardware drive



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Industry leading expertise developed over decades

Our professional consultancy, grounded in years of experience, means cost-effective manufacturing for your project. Guaranteed.

An established system with quality at its core

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A very professional business with the ability to support development and design of components, right through to mass production volumes. With a high level of knowledge within their team of multiple types of manufacturing processes.

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