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Exceptional service should have a tangible impact on your project’s feasibility and profitability.

We recognise that sourcing/manufacturing is only half of your battle to deliver projects optimally.

We believe that, done right, exceptional service should have a tangible impact on your project’s feasibility and profitability.

That’s why our 30+ years of experience are so integral to the standard of customer service that provides. The vast knowledge base we’ve accrued allows us to build valuable consultancy into all aspects of our customer interactions and communications. 

All of our customers have unlimited access to our resources and in-house skills. Our customer service team offers 24/7 support for technical issues, supply chain management, engineering advice and general project management.

We’re able to provide expert feedback on:

Material selection

Part and tool design 

Manufacturing technologies, with the goal of:

Isolating potential problem areas

Optimising product design

Reducing manufacturing costs

Improving manufacturability

Industry Specialisms:

Audio speaker






Aerospace rocket


Hardware drive



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Industry leading expertise developed over decades

Our professional consultancy, grounded in years of experience, means cost-effective manufacturing for your project. Guaranteed.

An established system with quality at its core

Find out more about the steps we take to ensure your project is a success.

I have worked with Sanwei for over 10 years. Their total management of the supply chain is handled in a very professional and efficient way, enabling minimal oversight from awarding the business to receiving parts.

Purchasing Manager

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