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Our team of specialist engineers are completely focused on helping you to achieve your goals.

Technical Ltd is an Asia based part sourcing, project management, engineering and manufacturing company.

We have a factory in Taiwan, a vast network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers across the whole of Asia, plus a customer-facing presence in the UK. For over 30 years we have specialised in providing high end technical components to companies globally, with a particular focus on the automotive, audio and marine industries.

We can help you manufacture or source any part, big or small, to complete your project, and provide high quality products in the most cost effective way. is your procurement team in Asia.

As part of the group, HonJeh is a manufacturing plant specialising in metal stampings, metal grilles and assemblies. View our HonJeh website for more information.


Our Story

was founded with an initial focus on providing simple components for the audio and consumer electronics industries, which soon evolved to incorporate more complex assemblies.

As our supply network, customer relationships and reputation for quality grew, we diversified into supplying audio parts for the automotive industry, and then automotive parts themselves. These days, we manufacture and source parts for a wide range of industries including marine, EV, aerospace, energy and many more. We have been trading under the brand for over 12 years, and are relentless in our pursuit of ever higher standards of quality in our products and services.

Why choose Sanwei?

It’s our mission to remove engineering roadblocks for our customers by providing first-class Asian product sourcing and manufacturing. We’re fully invested in helping you to make sure your project becomes more than the sum of its parts. Whether it’s a brilliant new creation, the evolution of an existing product or something that makes better quality more widely available to consumers, we believe your project can make the world a better place.

That’s why our team of specialist engineers are completely focused on helping you to achieve your goals. Our three decades of experience has provided us with the multi-discipline capability to provide unrivalled holistic consultancy for your project, whatever your organisation’s size or location.

Many other parts sourcing providers simply act as a point of contact between customer and factory, taking no responsibility for the overall quality of the end product. At Sanwei, all of our products are guaranteed, so you can order with confidence. Our team also plays a proactive role in solving any challenges your project could encounter, liaising directly with suppliers to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Let’s meet the Sanwei team…

Andy Cobbold

Sales Manager

Andy has been working in the automotive industry for 40+ years and is a qualified motor engineer. 

As Sales Manager for , Andy is responsible for all commercial and technical enquiries, managing an internal team of sales and project engineers to deliver customer cost expectations and projects on time and within budget.

Andy is able to draw on 35 years of successful automotive / defence / manufacturing OEM & consumer sales experience, both technical and managerial.

Education: City & Guilds – Light Vehicle Engineering (Distinction)

Gareth Taylor

Operations Manager

Gareth is a fully qualified manufacturing systems engineer with over 25 years of experience working in the automotive and consumer industry. He specialises in supply chain, manufacturing and product management.

As Operations Manager for , Gareth leads a cross-functional team, managing the supply chain and new product introduction process between Europe and Asia. His track record for transforming customers’ ideas into a high-quality manufactured reality, on time and within budget is second to none.

Gareth has an in-depth knowledge of business in Europe and in Asia, having spent just under 10 years living and working in Taiwan. He also has an exceptional appreciation for the complex nature of the industry, great communication skills, a working knowledge of different engineering disciplines and how they relate to one another, and an aptitude for managing risk.

Education: BEng Hons

Tiny Lee

Quality Assurance Specialist

Tiny has more than 10 years working experience in the Automotive Industry. Her expertise includes IATF 16949 Quality Requirements, GD&T, 8D, VDA 6.3 Auditing and an unsurpassed eye for detail.

Education: Master of Engineering Management, UTS Australia

Michael Ling

Technical Support

Michael has 20 years of experience in consumer electronics and automotive industries. His specialisms include energy storage materials, industrial manufacturing process and design, and project management.

Education: ME (Hons), PMP, PhD

Moulder Chen

Mechanical Engineer

Moulder is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 12 years of development experience in the field of mechanical structure and automotive parts. His expertise includes a deep understanding of manufacturing methods & processes. Moulder seeks the most suitable solutions for every project based on customer needs and product characteristics.

Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate of Industrial Engineering and Management

Sam Cheng

Supply Chain Manager

Sam has 14 years combined experience in the International Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain fields.

Education: B.S.Bus (Bachelor of Science in Business)

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