Our Process

A tried-and-tested method for sourcing success.

We realise that every project is different, so there’s always a slight variation in what might be the best approach. But generally speaking, working with us will look something like this:

1. Non-disclosure agreement

Before getting started, we’ll sign an NDA to ensure your part, design and IP are well protected during and after the evaluation.

2. Scope review

We evaluate your enquiry, asking key questions that will help to ensure we meet your specific requirements.

3. Engineering assessment

We conduct a feasibility study in relation to your query, and offer consultancy on various potential approaches to establish what suits your particular needs.

4. Supply chain assessment

We will evaluate multiple possibilities for you in terms of quantity, delivery and location, and advise you on the pros and cons of each.

5. Enquiry feedback & quotation

We’ll provide a detailed project proposal based on our assessments, including recommendations and a quote.

6. Order & lead-time confirmation

Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll confirm the order, provide lead time and update you on progress regularly.

7. Manufacturing & quality management

We will conduct inspections both in-process and before the shipment to ensure the product you receive is up to standard and will meet your needs.

8. Part shipment & delivery

We will ensure the delivery of your product is well-managed and take all possible steps to help it arrive on time.

I have worked with Sanwei for over 10 years. Their total management of the supply chain is handled in a very professional and efficient way, enabling minimal oversight from awarding the business to receiving parts.

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