Millions of products and stellar services to propel your marine manufacturing project forward.

Navigate your build with the most effective sourcing consultancy on land or sea.

We’ve sourced parts for leading marine industry manufacturers that range from engine components and complex electrical /mechanical assemblies to stunning cosmetic enhancements.  

A natural progression from Sanwei’s roots in automotive and audio project management, sourcing and manufacturing, our knowledge of the marine sector and its specific challenges (e.g corrosion resistance) runs as deep as the Mariana trench.     

We provide industry-leading consultancy across all stages of the marine product development process, from design to manufacture, testing and product launch.

Why choose us to fulfil your marine requirements?

Access to a huge range of existing products

Bespoke manufacturing of custom parts to fit your project

Unwavering focus on quality and value across sourcing and manufacturing

Trusted by marine industry leaders

Strategic consultancy with feasibility and profitability at its core

Equivalent materials recommendations based on national requirements and specifications


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What is the marine process?

Step 1: Consultation

Get in touch now via email or telephone to discuss your concept. Feel free to enquire about specific products or focus on your project’s expected outcomes and end goals.

Step 2: Strategy

Once you’ve shared a product number or specification with us, we’ll conduct a feasibility study and provide strategic recommendations on the most effective way to achieve your project goals. This will involve identifying numerous factors that are unique to your project and balancing them perfectly: product and shipping costs, project lead time, location of supplier and recipient, for instance

Step 3: Project

We’ll be on hand for the duration of your project to help ensure that your concept comes to fruition in the most cost-effective way possible, without ever compromising on quality. Seeing our clients’ projects come to life and become much more than the sum of their parts gives us massive job satisfaction. We’re just as invested in the outcomes as you are.

Having been dealing with Sanwei for over 6 years now I can honestly state that their performance levels and continued support are second to none. Great team all round!

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