Project Management

Take your concept from specification to showroom with Sanwei’s comprehensive project management services.

We adopt a holistic, end-to-end approach, striving from the outset to provide you with the best available products, technologies, quality, pricing and delivery that Asia can offer.

Product manufacturing and sourcing in Asia can be daunting…

Particularly for the uninitiated. The vastness of the continent, potential language barrier and varying quality standards of factories can lead to a number of serious risk factors, including:

  • Overpaying for products
  • Receiving poor quality components
  • Misinterpretation of your brief
  • Expensive supply chain delays and inefficiencies
  • Slow, sub-optimal shipping processes

All of which can severely affect the likelihood of delivering your desired results on time or on budget. 


Asia also offers probably the greatest potential on Earth for manufacturing and assembling the exact part(s) that you need, to the highest possible standard – and/or sourcing them in the most cost effective way.

But unless you know where to find them, you’re playing roulette with your project.

The solution?

Rather than contacting factories directly, take the stress out of your project by outsourcing the handling of it to us.

We’ll work with your design house, procurement team or engineering department to quickly and reliably establish: 

Whether the requirements of a particular project can be fulfilled


The most effective strategy for doing so

Experience you can rely on, guidance you can trust

At , we don’t believe that part sourcing should be a barrier to innovation. Our aim is to empower your engineering team by providing components that will enhance the overall outcome of your project.

We offer:

An unparalleled network of contacts across Asia

Decades of experience working with global clients across a range of industries

Exceptional technical knowledge and understanding

A longstanding reputation for reliability

Stringent quality control standards 

Industry Specialisms:

Audio speaker






Aerospace rocket


Hardware drive



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And More…

Industry leading expertise developed over decades

Our professional consultancy, grounded in years of experience, means cost-effective manufacturing for your project. Guaranteed.

An established system with quality at its core

Find out more about the steps we take to ensure your project is a success.

Sanwei’s professional & inclusive approach makes you feel like you have your very own Purchasing office in Asia.

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components fast.

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